Our consultants are helping your business by researching and analyzing the processes you already use in your enterprise. Together we may discover processes that you were not even aware of.

By combining open source platforms implementing BPMN, DMN and CMMN standards with our Java EE expertise and your existing software solutions we create an environment that is more efficient and more effective.

Steps in BPM digitalization

As a first step, we offer you to digitalize the processes you already have.

Once this has been done, our experts will make recommendations to improve these processes and practices with an eye to improving overall efficiency.
The consultant may also be involved in designing simulations to test proposed process improvements.


The two main reasons to have a BPM solution in your enterprise is to automate work and to reduce costs.

Do you need to send a report to your boss every Friday evening? Do you need to notify someone every time some event is occurring?

We can automate this for you.

Every employee works its own way? Are you tired to explain again and again how this or that should be done? Increase consistency by implementing your business process using state of the art digital technologies. Every employee will know what to do, how to do, when to do and what is his responsibility.

If a task is dormant, the management will notice immediately. Our solution increases also transparency of your processes.

Don’t base your business on persons, base it on roles. A person may be in holiday or even sick and the tasks should be still finished in time. BPM is always designed to deal with roles not with persons. If a task is overdue it may be automatically assigned to somebody else.

There are cases when the processes should go that way or another way based on certain context. For example your purchase process may have different paths if the amount is bigger than a certain value. Why let a human decide that? Why not enforcing that decisions as an integrant part of your purchase process? Automate decisions by using standard tools.

You may reduce the stress in your team by defining the process outcome in advance. Every process has a form based interface and in each step you may define what is mandatory, what is optional to be filled in. Every process has a clear sequence of steps and the number of unexpected situations is decreased dramatically. In case you discover situations not considered yet, feel free to change the process. Everyone in the team will benefit from the change in future. Current change will be part of the plan in the future.

Forget about printing documents and going yourselves to get them signed. Do everything electronically using a BPM tool and save time, money and protect the environment.

You need to know who decided something, what and when was decided? You get this for free when using our solution. The process history may be queried and the answer may come in seconds.

You have multiple systems in your enterprise? The information has to flow in your processes from one system to another? We may automatize this for you and integrate and orchestrate your existing systems.

Never forget to invoice your customers or to remind them to pay. A process may assist you in this.

Industries where BPM is used

BPM was successfully implemented in:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Energy
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail


Our solution is based on open source technology. You will never be lock-in to a specific vendor.


It is less expensive than you may think. Hire us now.