Marius Seiceanu is a computer science enthusiast who started his software experience with computers running on Z80 CPU in 1987.

After graduating the college he has worked as an assistant professor at “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu for 8 years teaching Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Programming Languages.

At the same time he has developed industrial software used by top international companies working in the fields of energy, automotive, chemical and standardisation. He has designed and implemented enterprise software solutions that required well analysed strategies so that the customers may have benefits for many years and they may have the possibility to easily customize and extend the modules with new features.

Marius has acted as a full-stack software developer, an architect and a team leader for international development teams working from three different countries at the same time and successfully delivered enterprise applications which were rolled out in production.

He loves solving the challenges arising from such complex projects in the area of clustering, scalability and performance improvements so that the end users are satisfied and they can increase their productivity.