Born in 1976, Marius Oancea studied computer science at “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu. After graduation, he spent 10 years working as associate professor in the field of Programming Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. In parallel to that he was not able to stay too far from the industry and he was working in a company as developer, team leader and software architect.

Starting in 2006 he founded his own business. Marius and his team has developed industrial software used by top international companies working in the fields of energy, automotive, chemical and standardization. He has designed and implemented enterprise software solutions and business processes that required well analyzed strategies so that the customers may have benefits for many years and they may have the possibility to easily customize and extend the modules with new features.

Marius has acted as a full-stack Java EE developer, an architect and a team leader for international development teams working from three different countries at the same time and successfully delivered enterprise applications which were rolled out in production.

He excels in the area of software design and modeling, business process optimization, REST, SOAP, JMS.