We always keep our promises. We deliver the promised quality in the promised time.

We never make a promise that we are not sure we can keep.

All this, because we know: great customer services starts with keeping promises.

We have a culture developed in the company to treat our customers exactly as we like to be treated as customers.

Because we know how important is to keep our promises, we have an internal tool in the company that we use to record our promises and help us remember what we promised. We have a business process to make sure we keep our promises. In this process there are tasks that have due dates and the process is sending notifications before the due dates passes. In case something goes wrong, customer did not deliver something in time, scope of the project changes and due date is endangered the customer is informed immediately and we look together to find a solution.

To prevent delays, our development team is always involved in:

  • definition of detailed tasks
  • estimation of tasks
  • prioritization
  • assessing uncertainty to tasks
  • setting dependencies of tasks

Modern methodologies (AGILE, scrum, etc) and modern tools are used to track the progress in the project.